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Http status code 415 received

Srinath Sridhar
I have a command line utility talking to my web application hosted by WAS ND server using Apache Wink. I added a new option to the utility for my task. The option can be added by placing an entry in the xml file located under the META-INF directory. In the xml file, I give the path of the servlet call.

And, I created a new backend servlet with REST annotations for specifying the path. The servlet has the logic to handle my operation. I had a successful connection establishment. Then made some changes to the servlet for handling my operation. Now, I am a getting the following error message in the command prompt:

Http status code 415 received

And, in the log file, I just see the message:

org.apache.wink.server.internal.RequestProcessor logException The following error occurred during the invocation of the handlers chain: WebApplicationException (415 - Unsupported Media Type) with message 'null' while processing GET request sent to <URL>

The other options in the utility works fine. The problem is just with my new servlet and even reverting to the previous state is having the same issue. Could someone please provide me some suggestion on how to get rid of this?

PS: My operation is to print a list of username & passwords from the connection established with the data source in my server. So, my output is returned in Object format.